7Gypsies New Release: American Vintage (February ’15)

Introducing American Vintage

Our gypsy adventures have taken us home where we were inspired to create our newest collection American Vintage. Inspired by our travels and the travels we want to take, American Vintage captures a little heart and a little soul of the Americas. Our gypsy journeys take us by road, by sea, by rail and by air to the many places of this great nation. If by air we can miss the journey, but arrive quickly to magical places and if by road we can take our gypsy time and explore nooks and crannies.

The American Vintage (AV) 12×12 Papers capture North, South, East and West as they stop along the way to point out what the USA has comet to call its own from the Golden Gate Bridge to Miss Liberty. Maps, license plates, street signs, old postcard and vintage prints and art from the past all come together to crate a this collection that is meant to be mixed and matched to create mixed media projects, scrapbook layouts, beautiful cards, travel journals, photo crates and capture the memories. Each paper is printed in full color on 80# cardstock which makes it perfect for creating books, boxes, cards, journals, Artist Trading Cards and just about anything crafty.

8×8 Paper Pad

The American Vintage 8×8 Paper Pad is filled with reduced images of the AV collection that are printed on a beautiful text weight that lends itself to lots of laying, card making, decoupage, Scrapbooking layouts and more. Six two-sided papers with 8 pieces of each per pad for a total of 48 sheets.

File Folders

American Vintage File Folders are the perfect way to organize, classify, document, categorize or display your travel, holiday or everyday photos. Designed to hold 4”x6” items it is the perfect place to store photos, postcards, small travel documents, old passports and note cards. Add your file folders to our Vintage Photo Crates, wrap them with twine as a gift, layer them together to make a book or seal them away in an envelope to cherish and keep.

Black & White Vintage Photos

American Vintage Black & White Vintage Photos are a collection of 14 photos from the past printed in black and white and ready to be tinted, misted, distressed or left as they are and added to your craft projects. Each photo has a distressed edge to represent those amazing photos of the past. To create a slight shine as old photos do, simply add a clear coat of our Glam and allow them to dry. To tint pour a little glimmer mist or simply sheer into a cup after shaking and apply with a brush for a fine water color look. You will be amazed how beautiful they are.

Vintage Postcards

The Vintage Postcards are 10 4”x6” cards printed on both sides to represent a true postcard of the past. You get 10 of the same design with a vintage green stamp to one side. You can layer, stamp, distress or draw what you want to say, add a stamp and send it on its way. Perfect surface for simple vintage invitations, thank you notes, bound tougher to make a book, notes a day along a trip or to send from each stop along the way.

Mini Ephemera

American Vintage Mini Ephemera packs include 15 beautiful vintage images that will take you to and fro across the nation with touches of red, white and blue but more focused on all that makes the USA true.

Journal Pages

American Vintage Journal Pages are 5”x7” two-sided cards with beautiful designs with lots of space to jot down your gypsy moments along the journey. Those moments can be the simplest of events that catches the eye or the highlight of your travels. Add words, photos, quotes, facts, dates and times to keep the memories alive. Bind the journal pages between two 7gypsies Book Covers or add them to the pages our our new Dungaree Journals.

Dungaree Journals

Dungaree Journals come in three sizes and are screaming to travel across the lands. Filled with 10 clear protectors that are ready to hold photos, postcards, journal pages, ephemera or items picked up align the way. The journals are covered with denim that is stitched like a pair of faithful blue jeans adorning two metal rings ready to be opened and filled complete. Available in three sizes 5”x7”, 4”x6” and 6”x4” to house just what you need.

Stained Wood Photo Box

Our Stained Wood Photo Box is coming along soon, this box has 6 slots that are ready to hold your travel loot. Each section is just over 6” wide and room to store photos, file folders, postcards, journal pages, recipes alike. Not quite ready to be had these will arrive in April. If you must have you can pre-order and you will have.