Canvas Corp Brands Creative Crew

Meet the Crew…….

The Canvas Corp Brands (CCB) Crew is a team of creatively diverse Designers, Bloggers, Painters, DIY’ers, YouTuber’s, Makers, Crafters, Card Makers, Sewers, Mixed Media Artists, Writers, Photographers, Artists and more.  The Crew represents over 25 different countries from around the world and we hope that number increases as we continue to grow, contributing art from so many different cultures, but with one commonality – creative spirit.  Each Crew member contributes their personal design style, art culture, craft skills and creative point of view through their projects, their writing, their voices, their photography and their art to our Blog – The Creative Studio, our YouTube Channels – Canvas Corp Brands, Tattered Angels and 7gypsies and our Collective Group on Facebook (click and ask to join today), where the Crew comes together to share their creativity, inspire others and us and help us tell the Canvas Corp Brands story through their art.

Canvas Corp Brands is made up of 3 great brands – 7gypsies, Tattered Angels and Canvas Corp.  To view our products online you can visit our shop – Canvas Corp Brands Shop  – For more details and questions and answers scroll down past the beautiful art.

We searched the globe to bring together a group of amazing talent that embodies the Canvas Corp Brands’ spirit and love being inspired every day.  To learn more about each of our Crew members, visit their profiles, personal blogs, YouTube Channels and websites. Many of them are available to teach in your stores or for special events. Please contact them directly to find out more.  Email us today for more information –  Below you will find a 4×4 from each of our Crew Members.  These mini works of art represent their personal design style.  Feel free to click on them to find out more about the designers that inspire you the most.

We love to hear the stories behind the art, the steps they took to get them there and the inspiring completed pieces.  This creative Crew work with our vast range of products to create an array of beautiful works that show new techniques, new ways to use products, seasonal ideas, up-cycle, repurpose, show off new products  and beautiful projects that inspire.

Our Crew is featured on the Canvas Corp Brands Creative Studio, but you can also visit each of their blogs or Facebook pages to learn more about them and to see more of their work.  You will also find their work throughout our website, catalogs, Facebook, Instagram and on our Pinboards.  We also call upon them to share their opinions, ideas and feedback on what is new, what we need and what we can do better.


Alumni Crew



BECOME A CREW MEMBER…..We do a CCB Crew Call every October, so if you or someone you know might be a good fit for the Crew please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Blog and Newsletter.  We release the call in mid-October and final decisions are made Mid-November.

Here are a few Q&A that will give you a bit more insight into the Crew.

Q. Is the Crew the CCB Design Team?

A. Yes we call our design team the Crew.

Q. Is there a particular style or look that you are looking for in a Crew Member?

A. We love all styles, all creative specialties, the more diverse the better.

Q. What makes the CCB Crew different than other design teams?

A. The thing that makes the Crew the most unique is the creative flexibility…you pick the products you like, you create in your style and you have control over the projects you want to create.

Q. How do you communicate with the Crew?

A. We have a private Crew Facebook Crew and also by Newsletter to keep everyone updated.

Q. Can I focus on one of the brands or am I required to design with all 3?

A. You can choose the products and brands you want to work with based on our style, so choose one, two or three, the choice is yours.

Q. Do you send out a box of supplies to new Crew Members?

A. Not exactly, we give each crew member a $50 gift card and a code for 40% off retail (good for the entire year).  This gift card allows you to pick the items you are drawn to.  There are ways throughout the year to earn additional gift cards to add to your creative stash.

Q. How many projects are we required to complete each month?

A. We ask that you submit at least one project per month and up to 3.  From the submitted projects we choose as many as possible to fill our blog and Youtube channel and for all projects chosen CCB Gift Card $’s are given, allowing you to buy more crafts for your stash.

Q. Can I buy products without a gift card and still use the discount?

A. Yes the discount is yours for the entire year?

Q. If I teach in my local area or at events do you offer an educator discount?

A. Yes we do, please email us at or call 866.376.9961 and we can tell you all about our educator program.

Q. I have my own blog can I publish projects on my blog?

A. Absolutely and we love to share your posts on our social media helping to expand your following.  We do ask that projects submitted for the CCB blog be exclusive to us, but you can share any projects we post on the blog with your followers too.  The more sharing the better.

Q. How do I submit a project for the blog?

A. We have a form you can use to submit your project that walks you through the steps, we will share that with the Crew Members.

Q. I don’t have a Blog, is it required to be a Crew Member?

A. No it is not required.  We do ask that you have an online presence, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube (for those who like to make videos) and Pinterest.

Q. Can I use products other than CCB when I make projects?

A. Yes we play well with others, we do ask that projects submitted for the blog have a focus on one or more of the CCB Brands – Tattered Angels, 7gypsies or Canvas Corp or combined.

Q. Can I be on other design teams at the same time as the Crew?

A. Absolutely, we just ask that you support the Crew by participating, contributing at least one project a month, help us share projects the Crew has posted and get involved.

Q. I do not live in the USA, do you have international Crew Members?

A. Yes we have Crew Members from around the world.

Q. I have not been on a design team before and I am not sure how it all works, is previous experience required?

A. Previous experience is not required and we would love to have you apply.

Q. I don’t have an Instagram Account do I need one?

A. It is not required, but highly recommended, we love to tag our Crew Members and work together to share posts.

Q. I would love to start a YouTube Channel but don’t know how?

A. We can help with that.

Q. How important is photography of my projects?

A. It is important that photos are clear, not blurry and show off the projects and details well.  We offer tips and tricks to help with your photography.

Q. What are the shipping fees?

A. For USA orders shipping is free.  For international orders the first order is on us and after that there is a $25 shipping fee and we cover any costs above that.

Q. How is the Crew Managed?

A. Great question..we have a team we call the CCB Brandwagon and they work together to lead the team.

Meet the CCB Brandwagon.

Christine Meier – Co-Owner of Canvas Corp Brands, editor of the blog and hands on leadership of the Brandwagon and the Crew

Ewelina Gryglak – (CCB Editor) – coordinate our blog, editorial calendar, crew projects and shares

Erin Reed – (CCB & YouTube Champion) – share what is going on at CCB and spread the word about our awesome YouTube Channels

Marie Johansson – (Game Runner) – coordinate challenges, contests and fun things

Lynne Forsythe – (Projects Champion) – coordinate blog hops, manufacture match-ups and special projects

Marie Heiderscheit – (Canvas Corp) – coordinates all CC social media outreach

Lena Holmstrom – (7gypsies) – part of the Gypsy warrior team

Mandy Leever-Koel – (Tattered Angels) – Tattered Angels team

Sanna Lippert – (Tattered Angels) – Tattered Angels team

For more details about the Crew and to ask questions, see inspiration and share your projects you can join us on Facebook on the CCB Collective Group – ask to join today.