When the art of putting photos onto paper and adding stickers and embellishments around them started, so did the name Scrapbooking.   The craze took the world by storm and those who had never crafted before were drawn into a creative world.  While many people are still traditionally making scrapbook pages and albums others have taken what they learned and are creating scrapbooking projects that are no longer inside the pages of their scrapbook, but they are in mini books, banners and on the walls of their homes.

Scrapbooking is a very personal craft, but one that can be shared with friends and family.  Just because so many have tried the art of scrapbooking does not mean everyone has, so if scrapbooking is new to you, embrace it and make it your own.

We offer a wide range of scrapbooking products to fit many different scrapbooking styles from vintage, to clean and then somewhere in between.

Vintage Scrapbooking

7gypsies captures the most basic themes with a vintage twist – wedding, sports, Christmas, Halloween, safari, travel, nautical, cooking and more and work well with photos from the past and the present.  The entire collection represents pieces printed and “naked” from the past.  The term “naked” refers to products that are blank with no printing.  the vintage twist loves to have an aged look which you can get by misting any of our papers with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist or Simply Sheer or adding an aged look to the edges.



Traditional Scrapbooking

Our term for layers of paper, die cuts, stickers and embellishments that surround the photos.  Our Canvas Home Basics line offers a wide range of paper prints that are simple, classic and always available, unlike many scrapbooking lines that are released and quickly unavailable.  Our mix and match approach to scrapbooking allows you to create your own themes, holiday and everyday, match photos and color pallets and just be creative.  The extra weight of the paper also allows to use our printed cardstock as a base for layouts, used for die cuts or as embellishments.  Along with our printed papers, we also offer a wide range of printed solids to match all printed on card stock weight paper.


Mixed Media Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking has come a long way and today just about anything goes, layouts are filled with paint, found objects, textures, fabrics and so much more.  We are all about the everything goes approach and love the layering, painting, texturing that may all be done to highlight even just one photo.  Canvas Home Basics papers are printed on 80# card stock, making them heavy duty enough to hold layers of paper, paint and embellishments.

Trendy Scrapbooking

Working with new products and design styles can give your scrapbook a fresh look.  Our new Tattered Angles line “Tattered Tangles” is a great example of this new approach.  Taking on the trend of Zentangle  we created art in 12×12 papers and smaller sized paper embellishment packs that are ready to have color added and become a part of your next layout.  So the option of working with new and unique materials when approaching today’s scrapbooking is what is keeping the craft alive and new and exciting products flooding into the market.


For more ideas and inspiration, visit our Scrapbooking Pinterest board:

Seasonal Crafts

There is a definite trend in DIY Seasonal Décor, as well as, a trend in creating seasonal décor, gift-wrapping and decorations that are a reflection of the home owner.  No longer is Christmas only red and green or Halloween just about the pumpkin.  Creating unique mantels, tabletop décor, holiday ornaments, signs and decorations is all the rage.

Creating a DIY Holiday department in your store or online shop is a bit different than one might think.  It is not about adding a trim a tree section with ready made ornaments, lights and trees, but rather blank surfaces and embellishments that can be used to create the wide range of DIY seasonal projects.

Printed Cardstock Paper

Choose a variety of prints in red, green and trendy holiday colors, you can focus on Christmas, but Halloween and Easter are also great holidays where decorating is on the rise. These papers can be die cut into paper chargers, ornaments, boxes, gift boxes, tags, cards and so much more.  Keep in mind that holiday items can be made throughout the year.  Printed Cardstock is also great for wrapping small gifts.

Burlap & Canvas in Colors

It seems that burlap is popping up in so many different seasonal projects.  Available in a wide range of colors that are perfect for any holiday, birthday, wedding and other decorating event.

Sewn Items 

We offer a wide range of canvas and burlap items sewn into surfaces that can be transformed with a little paint, stencil, stamp, stitching…into holiday décor. Placemats, napkins, wine bags, table toppers, table runners, pennants, banners, stockings, totes, aprons, bags and more.  Available in both burlap and canvas in a wide range of sizes, styles and shapes. 

Stretched Canvas & Burlap, Trays and Shadowboxes

Create seasonal décor pieces by adding items to our vintage trays and display on the wall or table.

Cards & Tags

Making one of a kind holiday cards, invites and tags is a great way to personalize the holidays.  No need for finished cards, simply pull together the components and show those who are not traditional card makers how easy it is to create DIY cards and tags to coordinate with their holiday décor.

 Burlap & Canvas – Hemp, Fringe & Flowers

Wrapping gifts to match your décor and personalizing them is hot right now.  Hours are spent wrapping each gift under the tree.  Pulling together unusual gift-wrap materials to give the DIY gift wrapper lots to choose from.  Our burlap and canvas fringe comes in 1 yard pieces and it ready to wrap around gift wrapped boxes for a vintage, hand-made look.  Our canvas and burlap flowers are perfect for bows and we love that they do not crush when then are shipped or stacked upon.


For more inspiration on seasonal crafts, visit our Pinboard:

DIY Gift Wrap

With the onset of Pinterest our eyes have been opened to the amazing creativity going into gift wrapped packages for holiday, birthday, showers and just because.  Gone are the days of buying cheap gift wrap at the discount store and wrapping all the gifts in the rush of the season. With this trend in full-swing, it’s even more critical to include the essential building blocks to DIY gift wrap in your product assortment. Canvas Corp provides the basics such as blank notecards, kraft paper and ivory papers, bags, tags and more. Here are 5 DIY gift wrap trends that we are following:

DIY Gift Wrap
Gift Wrap as Decor

Creating holiday gift wrap that matches the tree and the décor of the home.  Another is to create birthday gifts that match the theme of the party, making them wonderful centerpieces.

Monocolored Wrapping

Keeping the paper simple or one color and making amazing tags is another trend we are watching.  The tags are vintage, trendy, fun or traditional and they all look great.  Our Chalkstock tags are a fun addition to packages too as you can write the names in white chalk or with a gel pen and they look amazing.


Wrapping small packages with assorted cardstock papers is another fun and unique way to make special gifts that come in little packages amazing.  It is almost like making a 3dimensional scrapbook pages.

Natural Touch

When wrapping a gift consider using unusual materials such as jute cord, canvas or burlap ribbon, newspaper, kraft paper and even greenery pieces from the yard.  These natural touches look great and can be so simple to do.

Hand Stamped Paper

Start with butcher or kraft paper and rubber stamp all over for a one of a kind custom gift wrap.  And then make matching cards or gift tags.  Keep in mind that you don’t have to make each gift the same, stamp some, stamp the tags on others, the more they are all a bit different they have a designer touch to them.

The key is making the gifts fun, unique and personal.  Consider creating a DIY wrap center in your retail store which includes basic gift wrap, baskets, basket fill, tissue, blank cards, stamps, die cuts, tags, bags, ribbon, rope, jute, package décor and fill it with fun photos and samples of gift wrap ideas.  This is the perfect shopping venue for holiday gift wrap, bridal party gifts, birthday celebration and more. Think outside of the traditional gift wrapping options and offer unique and fun materials to work with, go for the unexpected.

For more inspiration on DIY gift wrap, visit our Pinterest board:

Vintage DIY

Flea Market shopping has become a favorite among crafters and non-crafters alike, but what is exciting is those that would consider themselves non-crafters are getting creative whether they know it or not.  Spray painting an old chandelier, adding chalkboard paint to an old frame or making bunting with clothespins and vintage fabric all fall under what we would consider “crafting.”  The ideas are in abundance, the key is finding the vintage pieces or creating pieces that appear to be vintage and then turning them into trendy, functional items that you are proud to show off. To assist in the process we have a wide range of craft supplies that will help transform flea market finds, garage sale treasures, out of date home décor pieces, old furniture and new mdf and wood pieces that we want to make look old.

Tattered Angels Naturally Aged Kits

Each kit has 4 different paints that together with the full color instructions help you to create amazing faux finishes on just about any surface or material.  They are perfect for finished wood, raw wood, mdf or other surfaces.  There are 21 kits available in a range of faux wood, stone, metal and architecture options.  These kits are non-toxic and can be done indoors or out and the results are truly amazing.

High Impact Paints

This amazing paint was designed for full coverage on textured and slick surfaces.  Unlike traditional acrylic paints, this is a high quality paint designed for its longevity and ability to be used for indoor and outdoor purposes.  If you are looking for a paint to add letters to burlap, cover brass candlesticks or an old wooden frame, this is the paint to use.  Available in a wide range of metallic and pigment colors that can be used as is or blended to create the color of your choice.

Burlap and Canvas in Colors

Our wide selection of fabrics in a variety of colors is perfect for replacing lampshade covers or inserts for a frame to make a great memo board.  Natural burlap is fun to work with and adds the right vintage feel, but we are sure in love with all the colors we offer in burlap now and how well it works with vintage finds.

Metal Embellishments

Our 7gypsies line offers a wide range of embellishments from miniature keys, miniature cutlery, metal hangers and more that are perfect touches to updated vintage pieces. Consider creating a DIY Hardware department in your store that attracts the flea market shopper with inspiration and products that help them update their vintage finds.  Many of the items you may already carry, but others would be great additions including a good quality glue gun, an assortment of glues, various paints and paint kits, fabrics, clothespins, tacks and hardware items, ropes and cords and other related items.


Makers & Manufacturers

There’s an incredible resurgence in the arts and crafts movement with one of the largest growths coming from independent makers and artisans. It is for this reason that we embrace the talent and creativity brought by each artist and offer a range of products to meet the needs of small-business owners.

Why US

The Canvas Home Basics line was designed to be the surface for creativity, allowing each designer, artist and crafter to bring to life their design style. The line begins with the most basic of surfaces and continues to grow based on the ideas and demands of the market.

At Canvas Corp Brands, we are committed to serving retailers both large and small, understanding the importance of American made. Each piece of canvas and burlap is sewn in our warehouse where the team churns out thousands of handmade items each week. We work with a wide range of materials to allow us to offer a range of surfaces. While we strive to create the majority of our products in the US, we do source unique textures, surfaces and materials from around the world.

Our Materials

The majority of our sewn products are made with 100% cotton and 100% jute. We specialize in 10 oz. 100% cotton and stock both 7 and 14 oz. cotton. Our surface blanks include canvas and burlap totes, pillows, aprons, stretched canvas & burlap, home decor pieces, table top blanks, banner shapes and more. Each of our items are packaged and labeled for retail sale, but available unpackaged.


We support small indie businesses alike in our efforts to enhance the handmade movement with products designed to meet the needs of the art, craft, maker, school, screenprinting, college book stores, interior designers, wedding/event planners, embroidery, etsy shop markets, etc.

If you do not see what you are looking for in our Cavas Home Basics catalog, contact us for custom ordering with a picture/sketch of what you’re seeking. Our minimum wholesale order is only $50 and minimum per item is 3*. For more details on customer projects please contact one of our sales team members by emailing or call us at 866.376.9961.

*Order minimum is 3 unless otherwise stated. If you are seeking custom orders, there is a minimum order depending on project requirements.


Kid’s Crafts

Teachers and Moms alike are always in the market for creative kids craft ideas and the materials to make them.  In some cases we know cost is the biggest consideration and in others it is finding what you need to create the project you have found.  Our product line focuses on quality craft basics that are perfect for children and adults alike.  With ideas to help keep costs in line and projects that stand out, while we like the latest paper plate craft, we strive to share inspiration that captures the creativity of the child.

Kid’s crafts are an important element to building a creative home. There are misconceptions that kids crafts are to be brought home, placed on the refrigerator and then thrown away to make room for the next craft. But there are many creative ways to interchangeably display your children’s artwork without sacrificing the design quality of your home.

For some parents, finding ways for your child/children to create comes naturally; however, for others it comes as a challenge. Maybe you have a high demanding job with little time to plan for arts and crafts, or maybe you don’t know where to begin. We’ve compiled some helpful tips for getting your child/children to create regularly.

  1. Acquire the basic tools and materials- Having the necessary items stocked in your house make the process that much easier. These basic items include scissors, crayons, paints, paper, glue, glitter, stickers, and paintbrushes to name a few.
  2. Substitute TV time for Creative Time- Instead of allowing your children to watch their favorite cartoon, encourage them to create.
  3. Use their imagination- Children love to imagine and dream. This is a creative outlet that fuzes perfectly with crafting. Ask your child to imagine they are a pirate and need to create a pirate ship using paper and recycled materials. This is also a great way to teach them to be eco-friendly by using recycled materials.
  4. Go exploring- Take your children to the park or let them explore in your backyard. Give them a paper bag to collect their “treasures” (aka, leaves, sticks, rocks found from exploring). Create a layout on paper using the natural materials they find.
  5. Showcase their artwork- Highlight the importance of their creativity by showcasing their artwork at home. Make them feel special about what they’ve created.

How to Display Kid’s Crafts

When designing a home, it’s safe to say that where to showcase art projects is not necessarily at the top of the priority list. There’s no need to feel guilty about that! As parents, we have a lot on our minds. To help, we’d like to show you that showcasing your child’s projects can be done from a design-centric perspective without sacrificing quality.

Here are some of our favorite images with our added thoughts/ideas:

You can never go wrong with clothespins and hemp rope. So easy, so versatile.
This is a custom DIY project we found on an organization website. It’s a very simple tutorial and can look amazing with old vintage cabinets found at local flea markets/antique stores. Click the photo for tutorial.
This unique background makes a great resting place for random art.
So simple, and perfect for a more modern look. This was created by using wire racks and clips from Ikea!
For a more rustic look, recycle an old palette and attach simple hardware pieces to hang those one-of-a-kind pieces. Customize the message on the palette to your liking.
Use chalkboard paint to cover a featured wall in your house. Apply various chalk frames to create a funky layout and place artwork in the frames, changing periodically.

Recommended Products:

Now that you have the setup to display your children’s artwork, let’s work together to fill the displays. Canvas Corp supplies an entire range of products that are perfect for creating functional kids crafts. When beginning a project, you may select traditional construction paper or opt for a thicker paper to make their designs standout. Here’s an assortment of papers that are a great addition to general kids crafts.

CCP2241 CCP2305spot 2390-Red & White Big Stripe 2298 Red & White Mini Dot Reverse CCP2726-Black-White-Cow-300x300_compact 2770 Black & White Type AlphaCCP2292 CCP2680-Black-White-Chevron-300x300_compact

Of course, various elements added to projects make them pop. Here are some elements that can take any craft to the next level!

CVS3439-Canvas-Mini-Shapes-Triangles-Red-3--291x300_compact CRD2125-Grey-Hemp-Rope_compact CLS2137-Mini-Clothespins-Red-A_compact CLS2138-Mini-Clothespins-Black-A_compactCVS3433-Canvas-Shape-Triangle-Lime-Green--245x300_compact

Recommended Projects:

We’ve compiled an assortment of fun, easy ideas on our Kid’s Craft Pinterest board to help get the inspiration flowing.

Kids Crafts