7Gypsies New Release: American Vintage (February ’15)

Introducing American Vintage

Our gypsy adventures have taken us home where we were inspired to create our newest collection American Vintage. Inspired by our travels and the travels we want to take, American Vintage captures a little heart and a little soul of the Americas. Our gypsy journeys take us by road, by sea, by rail and by air to the many places of this great nation. If by air we can miss the journey, but arrive quickly to magical places and if by road we can take our gypsy time and explore nooks and crannies.

The American Vintage (AV) 12×12 Papers capture North, South, East and West as they stop along the way to point out what the USA has comet to call its own from the Golden Gate Bridge to Miss Liberty. Maps, license plates, street signs, old postcard and vintage prints and art from the past all come together to crate a this collection that is meant to be mixed and matched to create mixed media projects, scrapbook layouts, beautiful cards, travel journals, photo crates and capture the memories. Each paper is printed in full color on 80# cardstock which makes it perfect for creating books, boxes, cards, journals, Artist Trading Cards and just about anything crafty.

8×8 Paper Pad

The American Vintage 8×8 Paper Pad is filled with reduced images of the AV collection that are printed on a beautiful text weight that lends itself to lots of laying, card making, decoupage, Scrapbooking layouts and more. Six two-sided papers with 8 pieces of each per pad for a total of 48 sheets.

File Folders

American Vintage File Folders are the perfect way to organize, classify, document, categorize or display your travel, holiday or everyday photos. Designed to hold 4”x6” items it is the perfect place to store photos, postcards, small travel documents, old passports and note cards. Add your file folders to our Vintage Photo Crates, wrap them with twine as a gift, layer them together to make a book or seal them away in an envelope to cherish and keep.

Black & White Vintage Photos

American Vintage Black & White Vintage Photos are a collection of 14 photos from the past printed in black and white and ready to be tinted, misted, distressed or left as they are and added to your craft projects. Each photo has a distressed edge to represent those amazing photos of the past. To create a slight shine as old photos do, simply add a clear coat of our Glam and allow them to dry. To tint pour a little glimmer mist or simply sheer into a cup after shaking and apply with a brush for a fine water color look. You will be amazed how beautiful they are.

Vintage Postcards

The Vintage Postcards are 10 4”x6” cards printed on both sides to represent a true postcard of the past. You get 10 of the same design with a vintage green stamp to one side. You can layer, stamp, distress or draw what you want to say, add a stamp and send it on its way. Perfect surface for simple vintage invitations, thank you notes, bound tougher to make a book, notes a day along a trip or to send from each stop along the way.

Mini Ephemera

American Vintage Mini Ephemera packs include 15 beautiful vintage images that will take you to and fro across the nation with touches of red, white and blue but more focused on all that makes the USA true.

Journal Pages

American Vintage Journal Pages are 5”x7” two-sided cards with beautiful designs with lots of space to jot down your gypsy moments along the journey. Those moments can be the simplest of events that catches the eye or the highlight of your travels. Add words, photos, quotes, facts, dates and times to keep the memories alive. Bind the journal pages between two 7gypsies Book Covers or add them to the pages our our new Dungaree Journals.

Dungaree Journals

Dungaree Journals come in three sizes and are screaming to travel across the lands. Filled with 10 clear protectors that are ready to hold photos, postcards, journal pages, ephemera or items picked up align the way. The journals are covered with denim that is stitched like a pair of faithful blue jeans adorning two metal rings ready to be opened and filled complete. Available in three sizes 5”x7”, 4”x6” and 6”x4” to house just what you need.

Stained Wood Photo Box

Our Stained Wood Photo Box is coming along soon, this box has 6 slots that are ready to hold your travel loot. Each section is just over 6” wide and room to store photos, file folders, postcards, journal pages, recipes alike. Not quite ready to be had these will arrive in April. If you must have you can pre-order and you will have.

Valentine’s 2015

Love is in the Air

We can’t wait to share our fun new Love Collection. Trendy new papers and embellishments with a sophisticated flare. We wanted to design new papers that were perfect for making Count Down to Valentine’s Day, DIY Valentines, Love cards, Valentine Mini Books and other fun paper craft projects. Our favorite new items are the Sending Love papers that have tons of great love sayings and words that make saying what you need to say fun and easy. With so much to say and not wanting to have to write it down, these new papers are so fun to work with.

CCP2839 Paris Hearts on Ivory

2755 Countdown to Kisses on White

CCP2840 Sending Love Words on Ivory

CCP2754 Stache Lips On White

CCP2841 Sending Love Words on White

CCP2651 Red and White Mini Hearts

CCP2838 Pink and Ivory Toile

CCP2655 Black and Ivory Love Script Reverse


CCP2839 Paris Hearts on Ivory v2 (smaller hearts)


CCP2793 Red & Ivory Toile REVISED

2755 Countdown to Kisses on White


CCP2651 Red & White Mini Hearts OTL

CCP2655 Black & Ivory Love Script Reverse

Order Information

If you are a current wholesaler interested in placing an order for the Valentine Collection please email us at sales@canvascorp.com. To speak to a representative, call 866-376-9961. For new wholesale accounts, please fill out a wholesale application form and we will be in touch with next steps!

For consumer orders, visit our online shop at shop.canvascorpbrands.com.

Farmhouse Kitchen

Canvas Home Basics has added to their ever expanding line of product with an exciting new collection inspired by culinary designs of the past, Farmhouse Kitchen. What started as a tag for a homemade gift has grown into a new collection that embodies all that is Farmhouse– rustic decor, the country kitchen, vintage cookware and bakeware, etc. Our inspiration came from the idea of simple gifts and food that comes from a place of warmth and love– the kitchen. This inspiration enabled us to design a product line that captures the essence of creating and gift-giving, whether that be homemade goods or handmade gifts.

This collections steps us away from many of our traditional releases with many new products that take you beyond scrapbooking, card making and paper crafts and into a broader spectrum of creativity.

Card Stock Papers

The card stock papers are printed on kraft and ivory base papers and mix and match beautifully. They’ll also coordinate with any color palette and allow you to add color to the artwork (of course we suggest Tattered Angels Paints).

Cards and More

For the first time, we’ve included specialty items such as panel cards, thank you cards, recipe cards and our favorite, a printed canvas panel. We wanted to be sure to include all the elements needed to host a party, give gifts, store recipes and more.


We’ve introduced a line of tags that focus on gift giving with 10 of the same tags per pack so that you can create your homemade items with the tag of your choice.

File Folders & Recipe Crates

Gypsy Moments

7gypsies is so excited to launch a new creative concept for every-day journaling, Gypsy Moments. We found ourselves seeking an instant, yet creative way to document the little moments that present themselves in the uniqueness of our one of a kind lives— points in time that make us blush, grin, smirk, tear, think, breath, dance, dream, wish, sigh and help us realize who we are. Thus, ‘Gypsy Moments’ was born.

The emphasis of this collection is to incorporate a vintage theme into every-day journaling. For example, the collection includes pre-designed cards that capture how we are feeling at the moment, file folders that organize those moments and vintage crates that store the moments on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. And of course the line also includes tags, papers, naked items, charms and ephemera that can be used to embellish.

Gypsy Moments are also meant to be shared and to help shape the lives of others. Fill out a Gypsy Moments card and add to a greeting card or slip it onto a co-workers desk at just the right moment to make their day. For more on the Gypsy Moments story, visit gypsymoments.sevengypsies.com.

Gypsy Moment Cards

Little vintage designed cards that are two sided with plenty of space to capture the ‘moment’ and then ready to be stashed away in a folder, envelope, journal or little paper bag. Each pack has 10 of the same style, so find the perfect little vintage tray or use one of our new Vintage Photo Crates so they are ready to go when a ‘moment’ needs to be captured.

Gypsy Moment Crates

Perfect for photos and so much more, these vintage style mini crates hold anything 4″x6″ including: photos, file folders, recipe cards, post cards, note cards, mini books and more. Also great for mini gift baskets, photo storage, scrapbooks in a crate and other fun paper crafting projects. Vintage ATC Crate – Perfect for holding business cards, calling cards or storing Artist Trading Cards. Try our ATC file folders that were designed to fit right in and organize anything that is mini. Also great for tiny gift baskets, wallet size photos, custom business card holders for a desk and more.

Gypsy Moment File Folders

Available in two sizes, these fun little folders fit right into our Vintage Crates and help store, organize and add fun design to your Gypsy Moments Projects. They are also great for creating greeting cards, gifting photos, DIY gift card holders or just because. Our Vintage File Folders are great companions to the line and just work so well together.

Gypsy Moment Tags

This new collection of tags coordinates with Gypsy Moments, but each tag was designed to stand on its own. Designed as vintage inspired tags that are perfect for adding to handmade gifts, homemade goodies, holiday gift wrap, birthday presents or just because. 10 tags of the same design per pack, so pick your favorite.


The line comes together in our Gypsy Moments Look Book, where you will find a complete collection of projects and ideas. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Hanging Memory Keeper

This clever tray if filled with pockets of paper, file folders and fabric that are ready to store finished Gypsy Moments Cards or house those just waiting for their moment. Beautiful to look at and functional as a living journal of your Gypsy Moments.

Gypsy Moments Crate

Looking for a fun way to store you moments, try this fun little project which offers an easy way to organize and store your moments, photos, tickets and mementos of the days of your life, our Vintage Photo Crates hold so much more.

Little Moments Journal

Personal journaling is so popular and here is a way to bring in the fun of mixed media, vintage and personal journaling together into a journal filled with texture, dimension and heart.

Order Information

If you are a current wholesaler interested in placing an order for the photo crates please email us at sales@canvascorp.com. To speak to a representative, call 866-376-9961. For new wholesale accounts, please fill out a wholesale application form and we will be in touch with next steps!

Consumers may place orders at their favorite craft supplies store or online at shop.canvascorpbrands.com.

Halloween 2014

Canvas Corp Brands is pleased to announce the full list of items from Canvas Home Basics for the 2014 Halloween season. Our goal is to provide our retailers with the products, product knowledge, project models, and inspiration necessary to help them achieve amazing results. So let’s jump right in and introduce you all to this new line from Canvas Corp.

For this Halloween season, our inspiration stems from the idea of what we’re calling “Useful DIY”– extending the life of your materials by using them for scrapbooking and general craft projects, as well as decor projects around the home. We are introducing 3 additional Halloween-themed papers that are meant to be mixed and matched with our existing line of card stock papers.

CCP2812 Candy Corn on White

CCP2813 Halloween Stripe on White

CCP2814 Halloween Pin Dot on White

Summer Sneak Peeks

We are giddy around the Canvas Corp Brands home office. First, we have a new blog in the works that will blow your socks off! It will be a one-stop shop that encompasses creative projects from all of our brands. We are also teaming up with some awesome companies to bring you a diverse array of projects.

Second, we’ve been working around-the-clock on a few new lines that we are over-the-moon ecstatic about. These lines will officially be released at the end of August, but in the meantime we’d love to show you some of what we’ve been creating.

Canvas Home Basics

From Canvas Home Basics, we’re releasing 3 brand new collection: Halloween, Farmhouse Christmas and Farmhouse Kitchen.


Our Halloween Collection is an extension of our current line of basics. We’re introducing new papers, clothespins, trick or treat bags and more. Here’s an idea of what to expect!

1.NEW 12×12 papers 2. NEW Trick or Treat canvas bag 3. Colored Burlap 4. ATC Crates 5. Kraft and Paper bags 6. Saggy Baggies 7.Printed Cardstock 8.Halloween Sampler Page

Farmhouse Kitchen & Farmhouse Christmas

Our Farmhouse collection is inspired by the country. Our inspiration came from the idea of simple gifts and food that come from a place of warmth and love. This inspiration enabled us to create a product line that captures the essence of creating and gift-giving, whether that be homemade goods or handmade gifts. This line will include paper, printed canvas, tags, cards, clothespins and more! Here’s a peek at what to expect:

farmhouse 2


From 7Gypsies, we’re releasing a new program called The Gypsy Crate. As Gypsies, we’re kin to collecting memorabilia. The Gypsy Crate is an alternative to collecting and storing memorabilia without being limited by the pages of a book. We’ve created some AMAZING new vintage products to fill these crates. Those will be released in August, but here’s a peek at what to expect:

the crate system sheet


It won’t stop with these two releases either. We are also releasing new paint colors from Tattered Angels and brand new cut & sew items from Bag Works.

Vintage Photo & ATC Crates

The gypsies have been out and about looking for ways to store all their amazing photos and these mini crates were created to solve just that problem. Inspired by vintage food crates, these mini versions are sized just right. The Vintage Photo Crate was created in a 4”x6” format and will hold our 4”x6” file folders and photos. It is just the right depth so photos stand up and do not fall into the crate. Available in 3 colors – vintage stain, black and white.

The Vintage ATC Crate is sized to hold your favorite ACT cards you have made and collected. It is also perfect for business card storage or to create your own DIY rolodex. Both crates have files folders that fit right in available printed and ‘naked’. You will find additional file folders in the 4”x6” format in kraft, white and ivory from our Canvas Home Basics Line.

Project Idea #1 – Serengeti Mixed Media Crate

Add 6 file folders in your choice of printed or naked to our Vintage Photo Crate and fill with photos, ephemera, embellishments, metals. Decorate with our newest collection Serengeti and create a fun Safari look that is perfect for photos and collections from Africa, the Zoo or just amazing animal shots. Add paper tape as a finishing touch.

Project Idea #2: Wedding Photo Crate

We borrowed papers from the new ‘His and Her’s’ wedding paper line and some file folders and filled our Vintage Photo Crate with a beautiful stack of wedding photos. What a fun way to organize the photos by bride, groom, couple, ceremony, etc. A perfect gift for the parents of the bride and groom or from the mother of the bride to the new couple.

Along with these projects there are so many great ideas for these crates including: storing 4×6 photos, holding craft supplies, gift basket, remote control holder…ok so you get the idea!

The crates will be shipping this summer. For the initial shipment we will be shipping on first come, first serve, so place your wholesale orders today. Great for classes, ACT groups and just for fun. Link here to view our catalog with all the details on the crates and printed file folders.

Tattered Angels Releases New Spring 2014 Colors

Just in time for spring, Tattered Angels has released XX new additions to their ever-growing color family.  With additions to all paint collections including Glimmer Mist, Chalkboard, Baseboard, Simply Sheer, Glimmer Glam and Glimmer Glaze, these new colors were added to expand upon the current line of color love.

“When developing the new line of colors for Tattered Angels, the team really focused on adding colors to compliment what we already stocked. We went through our entire product line to find any gaps where we could add more hues,” said Christine Meier, owner of Tattered Angels.