Maker Spotlight: Sally by the Sea

Located on a little island off the coast of Washington, you’ll find a sweet, caring and incredibly talented individual, Sally Moore. Sally is the owner and creative brain behind Sally by the Sea, an Etsy shop dedicated to handcrafted tea towels, pillows and more. We spoke with Sally to hear more about her business and were pleasantly surprised to hear about her journey.

Q: Why did you begin Sally by the Sea?

A: In 2009, I left my day job and was looking for something unique to do on the island, but I didn’t have a lot of talent. I wanted to combine something I loved with something that I was good at, and that something was painting. One Saturday I attended a local farmer’s market and got the idea to make hand-painted tea towels, and the rest is history.

il_570xN.415339293_chrgQ: How has your business expanded since you began?

A: My business has grown so much since I first started. On the island, plastic bags are not given out in stores so I expanded to hand-painted totes. My line now includes wine bags, tote bags, pillows, and tea towels.

Q: What inspires the designs on your products?

A: My surroundings inspire the designs. I have quite the view when I wake up and look out my window, it’s rather spectacular. Most of my designs are related to Lopez Island where I live and things that make me smile.

Q: Since you’ve grown, do you still do everything by hand?

A: I’ve outgrown my living room, so I moved to my backyard and created an office where I now have my own screen-printing studio. The designs are still hand painted and then screen-printed onto the items. However, the handmade aspect is very important to me, so I make sure that every piece is still hand-painted. After they’re screen-printed I paint over the artwork to ensure that each item is different.

Q: What has been the highlight of running your own business with handmade products?

A: Running my own business is great because it makes me excited to get up every day. I know I’m doing something for me and I’m doing something for the economy.

il_570xN.272943674Q: How has Canvas Corp Brands helped you grow?

A: They’ve definitely been a huge help. If it weren’t for Canvas Corp I’d still be printing on tea towels. If anything, they’ve given me many more ideas on items to screen-print on and have expanded my product line.

Q: Where can we get your amazing products?

A: I sell through many retail stores on my island but I also have an Etsy shop and a Facebook page where consumers can purchase.

Thank you Sally, for telling us about your inspiring journey. We are so glad we could be apart of the process! If you’re a maker who is interested in creating your own line of products, we’d love to help! Send us an email today to see how we can work together!

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