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Tattered Angles is a crafty and creative paint line that was developed for the scrapbooking market, but quickly took hold in the craft and now DIY markets.  The brand started with the very first mist paint on the market, Glimmer Mist.  Glimmer Mist took the creative market by storm and today is one of the top recognized mist paints.  The collection has grown by leaps and bounds to offer a full range of paints that are prefect for crafts, scrapbooking, paper crafting, creative home decor, DIY’ers and more.

Tattered Angels Paint Bottles

the story…Glimmer Mist was created by the founder of Tattered Angels Wendy Senger in her kitchen and the rest is history.  The company and the original recipes made their way to NW Arkansas to join the Canvas Corp Brands team in 2012.  The Tattered Angels collection begin with a mist paint and expanded into a wide range of mist accessories and new paints.

Tattered Angels paint swatches

The original Glimmer Mist is made one recipe at a time and made in the same hands-on way it has always been made after it made the move to Arkansas.   Glimmer Mist is a water based paint filled with pigment and mica that is magical when misted upon just about any surface.  The Tattered Angels Paint offering expanded by color range and new paints that were develop to meet the creative needs of the market.  The entire collection of Tattered Angels Paints are all water-soluble, non-toxic, high quality, available in beautiful color palettes and made in the USA one recipe at a time. We offer a number of different paint categories to meet a range of needs including our mist paints under the brand names Glimmer Mist, Simply Sheer, Baseboard and Chalkboard; our brush applied paints including Glimmer Glaze, which is applied similarly to nail polish with shine and color; Glimmer Glam is filled with chunks of glitter and color; Stained Glass adds color to clear items such as crystal, acrylic, glass and plastic and our newest line High Impact Paint and Decor & DIY Paints, which were created for the mixed media and texture surface craze and paints beautifully onto just about any surface. To learn more about each of the paints offered by Tattered Angels visit the website – www.mytatteredangels.com

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Along with the amazing collection of paints, Tattered Angels also offers a range of solid and printed papers that are perfect for adult coloring with a brush.  The Mistable Papers are blank papers with a wide range of finishes and textures that are perfect for mixed media art, doodling and creative projects.  Tattered Tangles are all about doodle art that is ready to be colored your favorite way and the newest member of the Tattered Angels paper family are Mixed Media Origins. These amazing papers are printed on a unique paper that feels like fabric and is terrific with a any water media product, paint, marker and more.  The paper absorbs and handles just about any mixed media technique you can think of and the printed designs are simply stunning.

mixed media origins

website – Jump over to the Tattered Angels Website where you will step into a bit of the past and inspiration for the future.

blog – Tattered Angels can be found on the Creative Studio Blog where you will find amazing projects that are all about Tattered Angels, as well as, other amazing projects from the Canvas Corp Brands Creative Crew and the other brands.

Tattered Angels design team – the Canvas Corp Brands Creative Crew is the perfect home for those interested in contributing Tattered Angels style projects, mixed media techniques and adult coloring projects.  Applications are accepted in October – please follow us for announcements.   To learn more about the “Crew” We also welcome guest blogger contributions – email us at info@canvascorp.com

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