Wicked Gypsy

A gypsy’s life is made up of experiences, journeys and destinations. Through them we learn of the eclectic lifestyles of the avant-garde, the disarrayed, and the exiled. This brought a juxtaposing perspective for us gypsy’s as we drew similarities amongst our ancestors and the secret society of Edwardian/Victorian Witches. 

Project Idea

Project Idea: Vintage Wicked Gypsy Tray

Project Idea: Book of Spells


A vintage interpretation of the 31 days of All Hollow’s Eve, our Wicked Gypsy line was inspired by our love of Halloween and all the amazing art and ephemera that comes with it. In this collection you’ll find a rendering of the life of a Halloween Witch through tantalizing advertisements for brew and broomsticks, a floor plan of a haunted abode and even a page from the local newspaper.  Now you can capture your favorite All Hollow’s Eve moments with the Wicked Gypsy Collection:  

  • 6 two-sided 12×12 papers
  • Large Ephemera
  • Small Ephemera
  • 5×7 Journal Pages

Wicked Gypsy Times

Wicked Gypsy Times 12 x 12 2-sided paper (item # 19509)
Every witch has her “book of spells” whether it be a magic potion or recipes for a Halloween party. Layers of pages from the book adorn the front while a wicked layered damask adorn the back.

Confections Log

Confections Log 12 x 12 2-sided paper (item #19512)
The first thing the kids do when they return from trick or treating is dump the candy and monitor the taking. Photos of the winnings or a 31 day countdown, this paper is for tricks and for treats.

Costume Ball

Costume Ball 12 x 12 2-sided paper (item # 19511)
Costumes old and new can now be captured onto a collage of costume sketches from the past. This neutral backdrop works for any costume theme.


A Haunted Abode

A Haunted Abode 12 x 12 2-sided paper (item# 19513)
A witch’s abode is her recluse from the outside world– each room has a special meaning and use. We are especially fond of the tower of the beast and the newt gully. Visiting a haunted house or visiting Salem, you now have the papers to create the memory.


A Wicked Pose

A Wicked Post 12 x 12 2-sided paper (item #19514)
Gypsies love their dresses, layers and when it is halloween time, wicked gypsies adorn a hat. The collection comes together in this strip of papers with a photo of the inspiration from the line. Gypsy or not they are our honorary “wicked gypsies.”

Large Ephemera

Wicked Gypsy Ephemera- Large (item #18014)

As the wicked gypsies travel the world, they keep everything– ads, candy wrappers, old games and even old newspaper articles. In fact, they save so many items that we had to create ephemera packs in both large and mini. The large ephemera pieces are two sided and are perfect for working into mini books and 3 dimensional projects.

Mini Ephemera

Wicked Gypsy Mini Ephemera (item #18013)

The mini is printed on a beautiful ivory paper and features the design on only one side.

5 x 7 Journal Pages


Wicked Gypsy Journal Pages (item #18015)

Measuring exactly 5 x 7, these 2 sided journal pages capture the vintage feel of the collection and are the perfect starting ground for your next Halloween mini book, book of spells or feature for your favorite haunting ATC cards.Layer them with textures of burlap, canvas, ticking or maybe even a bit of black satin or lace…

We wanted just the right goodies to create trays and books this holiday. But be weary of its magical allure, we can’t say we didn’t warn you! 

If you are a current wholesaler interested in placing an order for Wicked Gypsy, please email us at sales@canvascorp.com. To speak to a representative, call 866-376-9961. For new wholesale accounts, please fill out a wholesale application form and we will be in touch with next steps!

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Every so often, our travels through land give us a hankering for the aqua…Traveling gypsies we may be, but we long to be lost at sea. The desire for seafaring adventure inspired us to create a collection that captures a vintage spirit of oceanic travel. Our kindred clan of gypsies created an ensemble of beautiful products with art capturing the rolling tides of the sea, oceanic maps of days gone by, the mysteries of the aquatic and a unique collection of vintage ephemera all with nautical inspiration. This collection is all you need to bring your seafaring projects to life whether they be on shore, boardwalk, sea, vessel, beach or backyard–the perfect ensemble to anchor down your memories. 

The Collection:
Double Sided Paper
Mini Ephemera
Large Ephemera
Maritime Charms
Journal Cards 3″ x 5″
Journal Pages 5″ x 7″
48-Sheet Paper Collections 
(6″ x 6″ and 8″ x 8″)
Maritime Stamps

Project Inspiration




12″x12″ 2-Sided Paper Item # 19501
The French refer to fish as poisson, so we thought it the perfect name for the paper that featured vintage fish sketches.
12″x12″ 2-Sided Paper Item # 19502
The French word for shell was an eloquent name for this coral and neutral paper featuring la coquille.
12″x12″ 2-Sided Paper Item # 19503
The French refer to the mermaid as la sirene or la petite sirene, when referring to the little mermaid. You will find her in the upper corner watching over the maps of the world.
12″x12″ 2-Sided Paper
La Boussole is the instrument that measures navigation. We call it the compass. It will navigate you around the world.
12″x12″ 2-Sided Paper Item #19505
A sailing boat is called le voilier. This beautiful paper features renderings of sailing vessels both old and new.
12″ x 12″ 2-Sided Paper Item #19506
L’ancre keeps the ship at bay as it anchors itself in place. You shall choose where to anchor yourself as you travel around the maps of the world, the islands and the sea.
Maritime Charms
Charms Maritime Item # 12691
4 antique silver charms- seahorse, anchor, ship’s wheel and vintage shell- with an antique silver finish

Large Ephemera
 Large Ephemera Maritime Item #18008
Close your eyes and reach into the trunk that was lost at sea and what will you find? An old Maritime newspaper, novels of the sea, postcards from afar and posters of ships, nautical flags and knots. These 2-sided, heavy stock ephemera is the perfect base for a seafaring book or accents on a Maritime tray.
Mini Ephemera
 Mini Ephemera Maritime Item #18009
An old envelope reveals special momentos of the captain’s travels of land and sea– a favorite poem, a map of travels gone by and a page from the Nautical Almanac. These small vintage touches will help to complete the look.
Journal Pages 5×7
Journal Pages 5×7 Maritime Item # 18011
An abundance of beautiful color was laid down to create these journal pages. Choose the color or the flip side which features a vintage ship. Measuring 5″ x 7″and working with our collection of book covers, these are the perfect pages for a water bound journal.

 Journal Pages 3×5
Journal Cards 3×5 Maritime Item #18012
Measuring 3″ x 5″ our Maritime Journal Cards are printed on the same heavy stock as the journal pages and are just the right size noting your favorite Maritime memories or as the base for a mini-book.
Double Sided Paper Packs- 8×8 & 6×6
8×8 2 Sided Paper Maritime Item #19508
6×6 2 Sided Paper Maritime Item #19507
The Maritime papers featured in both 8″ x 8″ and 6″ x 6″- 48 sheets.
Maritime Stamp Sets


Maritime Paint System

Maritime Paint System from Tattered Angels

If you are a current wholesaler interested in placing an order for the Maritime, please email us at sales@canvascorp.com. To speak to a representative, call 866-376-9961. For new wholesale accounts, please fill out a wholesale application form and we will be in touch with next steps!

For consumer orders, visit our online shop.


Gypsies, we can’t even begin to express how excited we are to be releasing this new collection! Not only is this the first line of the new year, it’s an extensive line with a plethora of vintage finds unlike any of our previous collections.  Our travels took us to Africa where the 7Gypsies line, “Serengeti,” was brought to life through the inspiration of the African countries and our love for all that it embodies. 

The pieces of Serengeti come together to create this amazing tray.  This collection not only has new printed pieces, but is is filled with texture and dimension.  Adding the textured papers with the line offers so many new directions to take your 7gypsies inspired projects.
This photo added to the Serengeti inspiration, fount on Pinterest.

A diverse continent that boasts over 1,000 languages, the largest river in the world and countless other amazing attributes led us to the line.  Visit Serengeti Pinboard to see more inspiration pieces that we used to create Serengeti and be inspired.  Follow our Pinboards as we add new inspiration, products and projects all the time.

We created Serengeti with a wide assortment of eclectic findings to help you tell the perfect story. In this collection you’ll find glimpses of the Nile, Sahara, Egypt, South Africa, the animal kingdom, and more! Wether it be a safari-themed birthday, first trip to the zoo, a trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, or a mission trip to Uganda, this collection has the findings to preserve your memories.

12×12 2-sided papers
We wanted a neutral palette that brought the true essence of Africa to life.  We also are loving neutral vintage backgrounds that mix and match with amazing vintage images.  Each paper was named with a translated Swahili word, one of Africana’s most used languages.  
Vitabo (books)
Pica (photos)
Maua (flowers)
Wanyama (animals)
Mihuri (stamps)
Mabango (posters)

Paper Pads

The papers are also available in both 6×6 and 8×8 pads offering scaled down versions of these beautiful papers. Each pad features all 6 styles, 2-sided with a total of 48 pieces. 


The scaled down versions are ideal for 7gypsies trays and smaller projects.
Serengeti Mini Ephemera
The colorful nation is captured in the Serengeti mini ephemera found as one travels the lands of Africa. 15 unique colorful designs.
The mini ephemera sits perfect onto of the misted zebra paper to create pieces that look like they have been around for so very long!!!! Note* The zebra paper is also available in 12×12 under our textured papers.  It comes black and white…you have to add the mist or paint to make it your own.
Serengeti Vintage Photo Pack
Photos that capture what a gypsy might see on travels through Africa and want to share with the world. 12 unique photos featuring vintage animals, safari and other native images.  Mix and match them with your photos to bring a vintage vibe with your photos that are new and old.  – we love the one of the lady on the zebra….we so want to ride a zebra.

Serengeti b & w Art Tags
The essence of the cultures of Africa are abound in our newest creation, b&w art tags. Prepared with stamp-like art that is ready to be tinted, painted and added to your creations. 17 different designs.

Misting the b&w tags with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist is a great way to create tags and ephemera in your colors, allowing your piece of art to be your own.
ATC Printed Serengeti File Folders
The amazing artwork of the line can be found inside and out of these new printed file folders. Perfectly sized to hold the standard ATC cards, they will bring fun life to your projects. Unique designs are printed on both sides – 6 different styles per pack.


The file folders are perfect in layouts, mixed media book or to house your favorite vintage ATC Project.  Use our vintage pins to pin two together making a mini book of ATC File Folders.
4×6 Printed File Folders
Another new product, 4×6 Printed File Folders.  Now a vintage place to hold and organize the hundreds of photos.  The designs on the 4×6 are not specific to the Serengeti line, but they work wonderfully with them. 6 different styles, printed inside and out.
We love this banner created with the 4×6 file folders.  Add photos, ephemera and sketches for all to see.  Jennie created this to hang in her boys room.  


Gypsy Book: Canvas, Burlap, Drab & Pyramid 
These sewn book are the perfect surface to capture your Serengeti journey.  Featuring 4 pages with space on the front and back for design in 4″x6″ format.  If you have not designed on fabric before this is the prefect place to try it out.  The diversity of working with fabric is so fun, giving you amazing new design options. Here are just two of the book options, we have 4 fun combinations, including one with burlap.  
 Gypsy books can be used vertical or horizontal and are filled with pages of fabric that are ready for great design.  Add layers of ephemera, textured papers and metal embellishments to create this amazing front cover.  Now you can just pin your vintage pins right to your project.
12×12 Texture Papers
Another new collection from 7gypsies.  Textured papers and fabric are so hot right now, we wanted a collection of our own to match the Serengeti line.  Here are just a few of the designs…burlap, linen, leathers, animal prints….ready for so many great techniques…stamping, stitching, distressing….

Use the textured papers as is or ink, mist or paint them to create colorful African inspired prints.  Keep the artwork vintage and neutral or add as much color as you would like.  The spear was crated with the Tattered Angels Naturally Aged Kit – Tarnished Silver.  
Mist System
Four unique mists that bring out our favorite colors of the Serengeti line–two opaque and two sheer. We left the glimmer out of the paints selected leaving a pure, natural color for this line.
Is this collection worth dreaming up a trip to Africa? We sure think so!

If you are a current wholesaler interested in placing an order for the Serengeti Collection, please email us at sales@canvascorp.com. To speak to a representative, call 866-376-9961. For new wholesale accounts, please fill out a wholesale application form and we will be in touch with next steps!

For consumer orders, visit our online shop.

Tattered Tangles


Print  Print Print Print PrintPrint

Complete with (6) 12″ x 12″ papers and (6) Tattered Tangles packs (sizes vary), the papers were designed to work with any color palette. Wether it be bright, pastel, muted or vintage, Tattered Tangles makes it easy to personalize projects to reflect your personal style. The entire collection has a multitude of fun themes, making it easy to create travel books, gratitude books, journals, etc. in one sitting.

Tattered Angels logo B&W



30 DIY Party Theme Ideas

Looking for fun party theme ideas? Here are 30 of our favorites:



Super Hero
























Tea Party






Scavenger Hunt

Sock Monkey



DIY Wedding

Gone are the days of cookie cutter weddings, they are now an expression of who the bride and groom truly are.  This has allowed weddings to be more creative than ever. From Destination to DIY Weddings, there are so many opportunities to add unique and creative touches.

Canvas Corp Brands is the perfect resource for your creative wedding needs whether you are planning a wedding, the wedding planner or putting together a DIY wedding center for your website or retail store.

Here are a few creative wedding ideas that might just get the juices flowing….

DIY Save the Date, Invitations and Thank You Cards

Whether making 25 or 250 save the date or invites, they can have that handmade, one-of-a-kind with an added touch of a jute twine or a printed paper background.  Simply print the details on a white or ivory stock and then add to any printed paper background, the end results are stunning and there will be no others like it.  Assembling them is a great project for the bridal party to do together.

DIY Place Cards

There are so many clever ways to create with seating charts and place cards for the wedding guests and it helps set the tone of the wedding, casual, formal or somewhere in between.  Recycle corks and slip in each guest name, print and clip onto wire or and old screen or for a beach destination wedding tie the name to shells or starfish.

DIY Table Numbers

A metal sign with a white number is not going to cut it anymore.  This is another great opportunity to bring out the theme and creativity of the wedding theme.  Wine bottles wrapped with paper or twin and the table number attached; frame a fun paper with the numbers or paint signs with a vintage wood look using our Tattered Angels Naturally Aged Kits.

DIY Menu

Offering the menu whether buffet or sit down is a fun keepsake that allows one more personal touch and can also be a great place for a little note or message from the bride and groom. Print them out and then wrap them, roll them and add a fun tag.

DIY Pennants and Signs

Pennants are a great way to bring out a fun vintage feel, but also can be transformed into any color and wedding theme.  Create them with paper, canvas, burlap or other fun fabrics.  If a vintage wedding is not your thing take any of the great ideas out there and freshen them up with a look that works for you.  Using stencils or a die cut machine is a quick and easy way to say what you want to say.  Signs are making a huge comeback when it comes to weddings and there are so many great ideas out there.  You can make a sign on just about anything vintage or new to let the guests know where to sit, where to go, where to dance and where to just have fun.

 Table Top Décor

Creating something unique to make the bride and groom’s table one of a kind or adding a burlap table runners with the initials of the bride and groom to each table will transform the wedding from a formal setting to a casual, trendy setting.  The touch of burlap in just the right place is inexpensive and easy to do.

DIY Guest Books

If you have looked for guests books on the market you will find the options are so limiting. Most abundant are the glossy or silk white books with the gold lettering covers and a feather tipped pen.

We are pretty sure this style does not match many of today’s wedding styles.  Making your own guest book can we so easy and making it fit the look and style of your wedding allows you to have a keepsake you will want to show off.  Let the guest book capture comments, memories and names of those who shared the perfect day with you.  We suggest using a ringed book where pages can be added and taken away.

DIY Wedding Party Gifts

Create special gifts for each member of the wedding party like burlap wine bags with handpicked wine for each person or burlap stretched canvas with each persons initials.

Wedding Photo Display Ideas

Whether putting your photos into a scrapbook, placing them in a vintage box or separating them into decorated 4×6 file folders, there are ideas to show off all of your wedding photos, not just the photos that make it into the wedding album.

For more DIY wedding ideas visit our Pinterest board where we have had so much fun gathering great ideas.

Looking for more inspiration? Here are 5 of our favorite DIY wedding blogs to help you get inspired:

Love Inc. Mag


Green Wedding Shoes


The Knot 

For those planning a wedding we’ve created a curated collection available on our online store. For those looking for new resources for your wedding planning projects, DIY wedding shops or retail establishments we have a wide selection of packaged and bulk items that are sure to fit your needs.  Keep in mind that we are featuring many ideas in burlap, kraft and natural materials, but we also offer a full selection of colored fabrics, printed papers and other products that will provide a well rounded resource to meet the needs of your brides and wedding planning.

Crafty DIY

DIY Crafts, a new term for basic crafting with a twist, are creative, functional projects that require a little or a lot of hands on crafting.  The word crafting has gone in and out of favor over the years and we are so excited that it is definitely in favor right now for both personal and creative small businesses.

Today’s DIY Crafter is looking for quality components to create ideas of their own or to re-create ideas they are seeing on Pinterest, Instagram or while searching the web.  Projects are truly functional from wall décor and DIY pillows to party décor and unique teacher gifts and everywhere in between.

Along with the need for quality, we know that DIY crafters are looking for unique, trendy components that allow their projects to feel up to date, match their style and also easy to personalize.  Across all of our brands we are always looking for new craft components that are missing in the market, from vintage wooden trays to jester style Christmas stockings or mixed media paints that we designed to paint on burlap when we could not find anything that worked the way we hoped.

Our three brands come together to provide surfaces, paints and embellishments that  together are the building blocks of your creative imagination.  While we don’t carry everything, we play well with others and focus on the basic, classic products.

Here are just a few of the categories of craft products you will find throughout Canvas Corp Brands:

paper wreathPrinted Cardstock Papers

Heavy duty cardstock paper available in a wide assortment of prints and our basic solid colors of kraft, white and ivory – perfect for framing, die cut tags, boxes and invitations, mini books, mixed media projects, seasonal crafts and more.

Scrapbooking and Crafting Printed Basics

Sometimes the simplest craft supplies are the very hardest to find, like blank calendar sheets, blank postcard sheets and recipe cards.  Available in kraft, white and ivory, these basics are ready to be crafted upon.

Crafty Hardware

Functional hardware items such as clothespins, ropes, cords and metals in designer colors and sizes to add the perfect texture and touch to crafty projects.  Available in natural and a palette of colors to coordinate with everyday and holiday crafting.

bag bookCards, Tags & Envelopes

The base of so many important craft projects is a good card and envelope and we have a wide range in a selection of sizes from as small as ATC to as large as 12×12.  Available in bulk and packaged for all your card making, invitation and artsy needs.

Flat Paper Bags

From mini size to 6×9 we offer paper bags in white, kraft and black that are prefect for DIY wedding décor, invitations, advent calendars, gift card holders, goodie bags, treat bags, mini books and more.  Available packaged and in bulk.

burlap_canvas_bannerCanvas and Burlap Sewn Blanks

A wide range of blank surfaces created from 100% cotton canvas or 100% jute burlap in silhouettes such as aprons, children’s aprons, art aprons, totes, table top, pillows, pennants, banners and many more creative shapes that are ready to be crafted upon.  Available in seasonal and everyday designs.

Specialty Papers

We offer a wide range of specialty papers including handmade paper(100% cotton), thickstock handmade paper, chalkstock (paper like a chalkboard), thickstock (140# weight – that is REALLY HEAVY), corrugated board (in both a & c flute), waxed tissue in solids and prints, cardboard, linen, faux leather, printed burlap, printed canvas and more.

Candy Jar with Flower Canvas Corp-1Burlap and Canvas Fabrics

We offer natural and a full range of colors in burlap and canvas that are available cut to 12×12, larger packaged sizes and by the yard for larger bulk purchases.  We offer printed burlap and canvas in 12×12.

Wooden Trays and Crates

Vintage inspired Letterblock trays, library drawers and shadow boxes that are ready to be filled with ephemera new and old.   These amazing bases are sized for display of photos, pieces of art, vintage found pieces or something that is newly created.

Stretched Burlap and Canvas

Unlike traditional stretched canvas, ours is natural (no gesso included) this opens up the design possibilities to almost endless results.  The natural materials will accept just about any craft paints, rub-ons, iron-ons, inks, mists, dyes, stamp inks and more.  If gesso is required on all or part of the canvas it can be easily added in the desired thickness and color.  The canvases range from 2”x2” to larger sizes such as 12”x24” and 18”x18”.  We also offer them in a “chunky” or double the size of our standard format, as well as, standard depth of 1”.  We have been just as created on the front of the stretched canvas and burlap as we are on the flip side.  So think outside of the stretched canvas and burlap and design anything and anywhere you want to.

Paper Gift Bags and Tags-1Book Supplies

We offer a wide range of products for creating mini and hand-held books.  These basic components are the perfect building blocks for creating art journals, gratitude journals, guest books, photo albums, baby books, brag books, picture books, mixed media books and so much more.  Our newest addition to the line are canvas portfolios in two sizes that were inspired by basic office portfolios.  A perfect new crafting blank.

Craft Paints

Under our Tattered Angels brand we offer a collection of paints for all of your crafting needs.  Our mists, including Glimmer Mist, Simply Sheer, Chalkboard and Baseboard are water-based paints filled with glimmer and color and are ready to mist just about any craft surface including canvas, burlap, paper, cardstock, velum, vinyl, acrylic, plastic, glass, lace, silk, raw wood, finished wood, vintage wood, barn wood, mdf, and many other surfaces.  Our mists are not designed to paint on clothing or material that will be washed, but we have found they work on just about any other surface.  While we love our mist paints, which is where company began, we have spread our wings and crated some additional paints including Glimmer Glaze a nail-polish style paint that comes with its own brush applicator and can be applied to any surface to add color and a touch of glimmer.  Glimmer Glam is paint filled with big chunky glitter and can be applied with any style paint brush. Stained Glass was designed to adhere to clear crystals, acrylic, glass or plastic allowing the light to shine through; the objects can be dipped into the paint container or applied with a brush.  Our newest paint in the collection is High Impact and it comes in both a metallic and a pigment collection.  We needed a paint that would paint onto any surface with solid, pure color and High Impact Paint does just that.  Originally designed for painting on burlap, as we could not find a paint that worked the way we wanted it to.  This paint is perfect for mixed media, home décor, indoor and outdoor painting and so much more.

Vintage Craft Supplies

The 7gypsies line was conceived with the idea of bringing to life vintage pieces, paper and art to the market with a fun and quirky twist.  Available in stand alone pieces, as well as, mix and match collections with a wide range of vintage themes including Christmas, Halloween, Wedding, Sports, Vintage Photos, Travel, Food, Beach and Cruise Vacation, African and Zoo Travel and many more unique vintage themes.  The line includes stamps, papers, metal embellishments, manila blank surfaces, cards, bunting, clips, stickers, rub-ons, tissue, books, specialty papers and more.

Photo and Sign Stands

We offer a variety of vintage inspired stands that are unique and perfect for table numbers, book holders, retail store price signs, display of one or more photos.

ATC Supplies

The art of Artist Trading Cards seems to be stronger than ever.  We offer a basic selection of paper, canvas and burlap blank trading cards, envelopes and bags that are ATC sized and a wide range of craft products and supplies to decorate onto your ATC’s.

DIY Interior Design

Scrapbooking for the home, you will love our collection of kits that are the perfect DIY option for designing the spaces in your home. A kit for each room you can work just like a designer does as they bring together the pieces of your home.  The repositionable stickers and easy to use scale rule (we took all the guessing out) let you create your room to scale on paper and then we provide all the tools to create a design board for the space, just like you would see on HGTV.

Whether you are shopping for supplies you cannot find, looking for fresh new ideas or trying to solve a crafty dilemma, we are glad you found us.  To shop our entire product line at retail, visit us here.  For those interested in wholesale information please fill out our wholesale application and we will be in contact.  To view our complete selection of craft catalogs, or for detailed, downloadable product images visit our images site.

We also offer craft plan o grams and specialty display ideas, call or email today.

Paper Crafting

Our approach to paper crafting is quite different than we see in the market.  Traditionally paper crafting is all about card making, scrapbooking, tag making and similar projects.  We define paper crafting as anything you can and want to make with paper.  In fact we created a unique paper line to support just that.  Here is what makes our Canvas Home Basics paper unique and some ideas you might not have thought about when it comes to crafting and paper.

 Printed on Cardstock Paper and Text Weight Paper

Our Canvas Home Basics papers are printed on 80#, matte finish card stock that is made in the USA.  The weight makes our paper the perfect base for cards, tags, atc, mixed media, scrapbooking and your favorite paper crafting needs, but the extra weight opens up the paper crafting abilities.

 Base Cardstock Colors

We print on 3 different papers – kraft, white and ivory stock and these are available in blank sheets as well.  We print onto each color letting the pure paper show through.

One-sided Printing

We print all of our papers on one side of the stock so that it is much more flexible for paper crafting projects – cut and fold them into any size card; die cut them to make the box of your choice (the heavy weight stock creates great boxes, bags and other 3 dimensional die cut items), die cut them into circles to create paper chargers, print onto either side depending on the print for invitations and signs, die cut or punch them to create tags and stamp “To” and “From” on the back, paper monogram letters for banners. Use our papers as scrapbooking base (no one sees the other side) and the weight is perfect for your base, and so much more.

Soy based inks and recycled paper

In keeping with the trend of environmentally friendly materials we use only soy based inks and print on recycled papers.  Our kraft paper contains the highest amount of recycled materials.

Spot Color Printing

All of our printed card stock is printed in the style of old fashioned printing we call spot color, we choose this method to allow us to get rich, deep color that is consistent every time.

Collection Printed Papers

Along with our vast collection of printed cardstock, we offer two-sided scrapbook papers that support our various vintage collections under the 7ypsies brand.  While this paper is thinner and printed on two sides, you can still do many of the same techniques as you can with printed card stock, with a few special qualities of its own, you can bend and fold the papers allowing both sides of the paper to show; you can accordion or gather the paper in a ribbon like method due to lighter weight, you can decoupage the papers onto vintage or modern pieces, you can cut out shapes and images and add them to other papers or art pieces.

Specialty Papers

Across all brands we offer a wide range of specialty papers including our Tattered Angels Mistable Papers which are all white and ivory, but react when they are misted, painted, inked, stamped, dyed and more.  We found that one white paper does not do the trick, so this assortment meets the needs of mixed media, card making, art journaling and more.  Along with assorted white papers in unique finishes, we also offer a wide range of 12×12 “papers” including canvas, burlap, chalkstock, thickstock, tissuestock, faux leather, linen, fluted paper and more.

Tags, ATÇ, Cards and Envelopes

Crafting with paper in many cases requires a place to start, we have a large assortment of blank paper items that are perfect for your paper crafting needs.

We are not really sure where paper crafting starts and stops and where mixed media and scrapbooking picks up, we do know that people love to craft and play with paper and we continue to expand our papers products to meet those needs.  Looking for something in paper you cannot find on the market, send us a note and maybe we have it or it is something we need to have.

Please visit our Pinterest Boards for a wide range of paper crafting ideas and inspiration:

Creative Home Decor

Projects created after a visit to the craft store, hardware store and the design store fall under what we like to call Creative Home Décor.  This category includes anything creative that is made and used in the home.  Function, design and style is the key.  

The void in the market for creative craft basics was one of the inspirations for starting our brand Canvas Home Basics.  We did not want to be limited to traditional craft supplies when creating projects for our homes, gifts and just for fun.

Just about every category of product we offer can be used for Creative Home Décor projects, the key is how you use them.  A vintage tray from 7gypsis can be filled with tags, paper, ephemera  and photographs for the crafter or filled with coffee beans and placed on the table as a centerpiece.  The trick is how you use the products and then how you display them.

We like to think of creative home décor as crafty solutions for the home – ways to hang artwork, unique photo displays on the wall, creative art pieces with die cuts of the states your have lived in, vintage receipt holders that hold your favorite menus.

Working with home décor blanks such as canvas and burlap pillow forms, table toppers, table runners, placemats, napkins and making them your own by adding monograms, artwork, stamps, stencils, screens is another aspect of creative home décor.  Creating items that you love and when added to your home represent you.  You are ever changing and so should the items in your home.  You can also change the items for the holidays so the spaces in your home always look fresh.  We love creative mantels, bed pillows and table top décor

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