Mixed Media

The term mixed media is being used pretty freely these days.  Termed to represent the artist that used a combination of materials to create their art, but the name now represents so much more.  We would define Mixed Media as any crafty project that uses multiple materials in the creative project.  So that allows us to break down a few different categories of Mixed Media.

The Mixed Media Artist will craft with just about anything they can get their hands on.   Here are just a few examples of some unique mixed media art.  While we may not understand it completely there is a beauty in mixed media art that is recognized world-wide.

Who can be considered a mixed media artist is a great question and one that we really cannot answer, we would rather take the side that everyone is a mixed media artist and here are some fun styles you might enjoy.  We have given our own names to a few mixed media styles. 

The Paper Craft Mixed Media Artist

This artist works with a variety of paper, paint, stamps, stencils and added touches of unique embellishments.  This art form tends to be created on stretched canvas and flat surfaces with a goal to be hung as a piece of art.  Pinterest and the Internet are flooded with amazing art similar to this piece by Annette Jean.

The Dimensional Mixed Media Artist

Starting with a surface such as an old book, canvas, wooden plaque or anything unusual where layers of paint, paper, stickers, flowers, ropes, cords, wooden embellishments, clips, banners, vintage jewelry can be attached in a creative artsy layout.   In this case the artist Lynne Forsythe adds flowers to just about every piece of mixed media art as her signature style.

The 3-Dimensional Mixed Media Artist

This artist may do items that stand, use unusual materials to recreate dimension or simply layer and layer to get this look.  Each piece is a one of a kind.

Mixed Media has taken on the task of being the general term for just about any craft project that has a little texture, layer, color and unusual design.  It appears as if there are no rules to what Mixed Media is, so we are pretty sure anything goes.  If you have not given mixed media a try, now is the time as there is so much inspiration, tutorials and fresh ideas to get you started.  If you are a mixed media artist from the past, welcome and we hope something in our line inspires you.

 Stretched Burlap and Canvas

We offer a wide range of sizes and shapes in non-gesso stretched fabrics.  Leaving the material natural allows you as a mixed media artist to use the fabric in its raw state or add gesso to all or part of the surface.

High Impact Paint

Tattered Angels High Impact Paint was designed to paint atop textured and slick surfaces with pure color.  Painting onto burlap was a nice challenge and one we think we solved with this great paint collection.

Waxed Tissue

This food grade tissue has the unique property of wax that allows it to be painted, stamped, stenciled, misted, inked and more and keep its structure to be decoupaged into place with the sheer benefits of lightweight tissue.

Specialty Papers

Faux Leather, Chalk board paper, Tissue, Linen, cotton, handmade, burlap, canvas and more unique textures make up our specialty papers and are perfect options for creating mixed media works of art